Review of the Knotty Girl Boho Bag Pattern

Review of the Knotty Girl Boho Bag Pattern

Posted on 19. Aug, 2013 by in Review

Hi everyone!  I’m back today to share with you this awesome bag pattern, the Knotty Girl Boho Bag by Red Label.  I’ve gotten to know the lady behind the pattern on another online sewing group and have been along with her on her journey to releasing this pattern.  This is the fourth bag that I’ve made, but the first one I’ve actually kept!

This is also the first time I’ve made the full size version.  The other 3 I made were gifts for teacher appreciation week, and end of the year gifts for my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and aide.  I made those ones the medium size so they could be used more as purses.  I wanted this one to be large enough to use as a diaper bag.
The pattern is awesome at walking you through each step.  I think the hardest part is picking the fabrics.  That took me almost an hour to decide what I wanted.  There’s just too many possibilities!!  The cutting took me about an hour, but I was constantly being interrupted by kids wanting things, so it would have gone much faster if I had waited until they were asleep.  The first bag I did took me about 4 hours to sew up.  The other ones went faster, as long as I wasn’t constantly having to stop to take care of my 3 kids.

There are many different ways you can personalize this bag for what you want, which is awesome.  On the inside I decided to do the 2 suggested pockets on one side, and then 3 on the other, which is mentioned in the pattern.  This way I had 2 big pockets and 3 slightly smaller pockets.  You could always leave the pockets off, or make even smaller ones, such as 4 on each side.  It’s all up to you!

Let me just say that this makes an awesome diaper bag!  I was able to fit 2 cloth diapers, plus a change of clothes for my 4 month old in one of the big pockets.  The other big pocket held a trainer, a change of underwear, and a change of shorts for my son that we’re in the process of potty training.  In the other smaller pockets I had cloth wipes and a spray bottle, a nursing cover, my wallet, and the last pocket had lotion, antibacterial spray, some CJ’s BUTTer and a pen.  All that was just in the pockets!  My keys were in one of the outer pockets too.  I was afraid it was going to be super heavy as this is what I usually carry around and my other diaper bag feels like it weighs a ton.  I was pleasantly surprised at how light this actually felt!  I even threw my dslr camera in there, my makeup bag, a sippy cup and a blanket and had no problem.

I was worried that the knots would pull through the buttonholes with all that weight in there, but so far it’s been able to hold it up great!

Let me just say that this bag is a lot bigger than I first thought.  The large size is definitely not just something you’d want to throw your wallet, keys and phone in.  I’d suggest the medium size for that.  But if you need a giant bag to carry around half your house like I do, the large size is perfect!  The mini size is great to make a matching bag for your little girl.

I decided to add a magnetic snap to this one, which is not mentioned in the pattern, but is just a personal preference.  I also added some fusible fleece to the inside bottom, just for stability, but once again, that is just a personal preference.  I think it would be fine without as well.  Especially on the medium or mini sizes.

The first version I made I decided to add fusible fleece to the entire inside.  This completely changed the look to me and turned it more into a purse.  I also left the outer pockets off.  Then I accidentally cut my straps too short, so I decided to just sew them in, vs doing the buttonholes and knot the straps.

The second two I just added the fusible fleece to the bottom and they turned out great too.  I had a really hard time giving those away.  Especially the purple one.  I think I may need to make a version of it for me to keep.

Overall I have to say this is a great pattern.  The instructions have step by step photos and are written so you can easily follow along.  Most of the pattern pieces are simple rectangles so you don’t have to print them out.  I hate having to waste paper and ink only to discover that it’s only a rectangle.  There are a few pattern pieces you do need to print out, however, so make sure you can do that before you get started.  The second hardest part of this pattern (since I already mentioned choosing the fabric is the hardest) is doing the buttonholes.  Don’t be scared!  They really aren’t that hard.  This bag looks like it’s hardcomplicated, but if you follow the instructions one step at a time you’ll realize that you’re done before you know it. I highly recommend this pattern!

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  1. LeeAnne

    07. Mar, 2014

    I want this bag! Can I buy it from you?

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  2. karina

    08. Nov, 2013

    Love the fun colors!! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Sallie

    20. Sep, 2013

    Can I have this pattern mailed to me??

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